For the development of new products, CorkConcept's research and development is carried out by a strong and complementary consortium, representative of the value chain and with the expertise required to meet the technological challenges (Materia Nova and UCL Louvain) and execute the industrialisation and commercialisation strategy (CorkConcept, Beldimed, Smurfit Kappa).

This consortium project is funded by the Walloon Region and supported by Logistics in Wallonia and Greenwin.

The members of the consortium

Materia Nova - Research Partner

Materia Nova is an approved research centre dedicated to the development of innovative materials, and its mission is to conduct research and development studies on behalf of large and small companies and to promote technology transfers between the world of fundamental research and the industrial world.

UCLouvain / iMMC – Technical partner: development of a 3D modelling tool for the operation of CorkConcept insulated packaging.

The Institute of Mechanics, Materials and Civil Engineering (iMMC) of UCLouvain [Catholic University of Louvain] brings together more than 200 employees (including 30 faculty members) and participates in the project through its Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics (TFL) pole.

Beldimed – Business Partner: contributes its knowledge of the Pharma market and its user experience.

Beldimed is an international distributor of pharmaceutical products, which exports products worldwide. In this context, it delivers high value products which have to comply with international standards on cold chain.

Smurfit Kappa – Technical partner: development of the outer envelope

With 11.5 billion m2 of cardboard per year, Smurfit Kappa is one of the world leaders in the production of paper-based packaging. Smurfit Kappa operates in 23 European countries and 12 countries in the Americas. The company has 46,000 employees and 37 production sites.